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A Less Adversarial Approach To Divorce And Family Law In North Atlanta

In a legal system that often seems designed to produce endless conflict, I will seek to help you achieve your goals through negotiation, collaboration and mediation.

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Protecting Your Interests In Family Court

Litigation is the stressful way to resolve a divorce or other family law case. It can also be the most damaging to your family relationships and finances. While I am a very successful and effective litigator in family court when necessary, I view litigation is a last resort — not a foregone conclusion.

I am family law attorney Kathryn N. Hedden. As a certified civil and domestic mediator by the Georgia Office on Dispute Resolution, I have a thorough understanding of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques, such as mediation, collaborative law and other advanced means of reaching agreement in family and other civil disputes outside of court. My law office is in Cumming, Georgia, and I serve clients in the North Atlanta metro area.

Access To The Resources You May Need

Divorce and other family law issues often involve much more than the law. Individuals face a number of challenges, including emotional, psychological and financial hurdles. I work with a network of other professionals — family counselors, financial planners, accountants, etc. — who can provide guidance in a number of areas. You and I will work together to look beyond the difficulties you face now and equip you with the skills necessary to tackle any challenges you may face in the future.

Legal disputes are distressing enough the first time around. Nobody wants to address the same issues down the road because the initial outcomes were ineffective. That happens more often than you might think. I will help you reach solutions that stick, so you are not forced to return to court repeatedly to iron out the same problems.

Make The Call That Will Put You In Control Of Your Life

It's not about plopping your problems in a lawyer's lap and hoping for the best. It's about working with an attorney who understands what you are experiencing, who will listen to your goals, and who will develop a strategy to help you achieve them. Call 770-604-1173 or use the contact form on this website to schedule a consultation.


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