Child Custody And Support Modifications In North Atlanta

Circumstances and finances can change, and the child custody and support order that worked for you and your ex in the past may no longer work today. While you and your spouse could make a verbal or written agreement on your own, that agreement would not be enforceable by the court. Legally, your old court order would remain in effect, and either side could choose to enforce it.

I am family law attorney Kathryn N. Hedden. My law office is in Cumming, Georgia, and I help men and women in Forsyth County and neighboring counties in the North Atlanta metro area obtain legal modifications of custody and support orders. I can also help you enforce an existing agreement if your ex is not following it.

When Can I Change Child Custody Or Support?

After you have obtained your initial child custody and support orders, you can seek one modification if you have a major change in circumstances. To obtain a modification, you would return to the same family law court that issued your initial child custody and support orders.

After obtaining one modification, you are generally limited to one modification every two years. There are exceptions, and you should seek a lawyer's advice to determine if your circumstances would warrant an exception.

What Is A Major Change In Circumstances?

A major change in circumstances means you have a compelling reason to change your child custody or support order. Here are some examples of major changes in circumstances:

  • You or your spouse can seek a change in child support if either of you have a substantial increase or decrease in earnings, or your child's needs change substantially.
  • You or your spouse can seek a chance in child custody if it would be in the best interests of the child given a change in circumstances. Examples include relocation, an older child wanting to live with the other parent, domestic violence, drug use by a parent, and a parent who is no longer capable of taking care of the child.

For More Information About Child Custody And Support Modifications

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