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Is mediation the right choice for your Georgia divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage is not a choice that a person takes lightly. Whether there was a single incident, such as an act of abuse or infidelity, or just a gradual deterioration of your marriage, the choice to dissolve your union is often one fraught with confusion and stress. This is especially true if you worry about the impact on your children and what happens if you don't agree on terms with your spouse.

You don't want to end up in court, battling over every minute of parenting time and every penny in your savings account. However, you do want to ensure that the outcome is fair to both you and your spouse. If you don't currently agree on terms for divorcing but believe compromise is possible, mediation could be an ideal solution for filing an uncontested divorce.

How does mediation work?

Unlike court-based divorces, which require a legal battle and leave all of the decision-making authority to the judge involved, mediation helps spouses work together and gives them both power over the outcome. You and your spouse, along with your individual attorneys, will sit down with a neutral third party who has training to serve as a mediator.

In some cases, you can work closely together, while in others, your mediator may move back and forth between separate rooms to avoid conflict or emotional turmoil. Both you and your spouse can argue your position and explain what you want from the divorce. The mediator can then help you find mutually agreeable compromises for each of the issues you don't currently agree about.

Mediation can be faster and cheaper than a traditional divorce

When you successfully agree to terms via mediation, you can file an uncontested divorce. That allows the courts to simply review the terms of your assets division, child custody and child/spousal support arrangements for fairness and legality.

Instead of hearings that can last weeks and endless frustration and arguing, mediation allows for a quick and amicable divorce. That can save you time, stress, heartache and money.

Mediation can also reduce stress on your children

One of the hardest things about divorce is how it impacts the health and happiness of your children. Mediation can help alleviate those issues. Not only will it reduce the exposure of your children to stressful court testimony, it will show them that their parents can still work together and put them first, even in a time of great stress.

Mediation can also help you and your spouse find common ground for working together as parents after a divorce. While you may still have issues with one another, mediation can help you learn how to communicate calmly and focus on what matters, instead of lingering emotions from your marriage.

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