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About The Law Office Of Kathryn N. Hedden

At the Law Office of Kathryn N. Hedden, I take great pride in providing my clients effective legal counsel that is personalized to meet their unique needs. Whether you face divorce and the important decisions that must be made when a relationship ends, or you are wrestling with a business or civil dispute, my objective is to provide you a clear understanding of your options and help you resolve the issues in an efficient manner so that you can move forward. My law office is in Cumming, Georgia, and I serve clients throughout metro Atlanta.

I earned my law degree from Rutgers Law School, and practiced law in New Jersey for five years before returning to Georgia in 1989. I practiced family law and real estate law with a firm before founding my own practice in Cumming in 2000.

Sometimes, the only means of resolving a dispute is to present your case in court and allow a judge to rule on it. I am an accomplished litigator with extensive courtroom experience. If a dispute needs to go to trial, I have the ability to present your case effectively.

More often than you may suspect, it is possible to resolve disputes outside of court. In my experience, when parties reach agreement through negotiation or by using a third-party mediator, they are generally more pleased with the outcome because they helped shape it.

There are skills required in resolving issues that may appear irreconcilable. That is what I bring to the table, along with a thorough knowledge of the law as it applies to your case. I am a certified civil and domestic mediator in the state of Georgia. I have also received advance training in civil collaborative law, and I run a collaborative practice group called the North Georgia Collaborative Law Network.

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I welcome the opportunity to review your legal dispute and recommend an effective course of action. My clients appreciate working with a lawyer who listens to their concerns and develops a strategy that achieves their goals. Call (770) 755-5695 or use the contact form on this website to schedule a meeting.